3DS 2010 egg exporter x64

hello there,

i’m quite new to panda 3d,
right now i’m trying to find an egg exporter for the 64-bit version of 3ds max 2010…

it looks like the one that comes with the panda SDK just works with x86 (32bit).
i already found the direct X exporter (http://www.andytather.co.uk/Panda/directxmax_downloads.aspx) but as it says, it’s only exporting to direct X format… i would need .egg .

regards AleX

There’s no 64bit version for the exporter and never has been. If you must use the 64bit version of max you can export as .x (as you noticed) or .dae and convert it to .egg if necessary.

ok, thx for the information.