3D Space Shooter Network Code Example

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As some of you might know, I’m working on a First Person Space Shooter Game (Wing Commander style) for Multiplayer only.
As I’m new to Panda I’m still reading/coding myself into the engine.

But today I’ve finished some working code that demonstartes:

3D Movement in Space (with some Objects for Orientation)
Collision Detection (with CollisionHandlerPusher only)
Network Code (theoretically unlimited number of players)

I’ve tested it and it works for at least one Client and one Server (both Players).

Now to the point of this post:

I would clean up the code a little bit, write some more comments and post it in the CodeSnipplets Section, if someone is interested…
As I told you, I’m just a novice in Panda, so my code is quiet basic(which might be good for other novices). :wink:

Now you might vote for YES or NO…

Hmmm… pending on the size, its either a post for snipplets or when bigger its an idea/project for the showcase :slight_smile:

So following your post I would vote “no, please post it in the showcase” :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Checked the length of the code… and you’re right… 560 lines of code might be a little bit too long for a code to be defined as a snipplet.
So I’ll post it in the Showcase Section then.

Legion please post it (I don’t mind where :smiley:). The more working code examples we can get the better.

Big thanks for being generous enough to share.

Ok, so I’ll clean the code up a little, write some comments and post it then…

But to correct you, I’m not generous, I’m grateful. :wink:

Without this forum I would still try to solve a very basic problem…
I currently run a forum on my PC, just to write a “coding diary” that’s structured. It’s mostly like a tutorial for myself (and therefore written in german). When I’m done with my game and with that diary, I will upload it to a webspace and post the URL here… then you can call me generous. :slight_smile:

Hehe great minds think alike. I do the same thing. I write tutorials and notes for myself too :unamused:.

Anyway, I hope you do get around to putting them on a web page one day, cause I’d really love to see your ‘coding diary’.

Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be Panda3D fansites :smiley:.

lol - well, if you need some webspace for Panda3D-project related stuff, lemme know… for a good reason I can hand out some traffic/space for free =)

Regards, Bigfoot29

Thank you both…
Some good words from fellow programmers are the best motivation to me. :wink:

An until I’m finished with my project, I’ll post questions and code…

Speaking of which, I just finished commenting the code and will now post it in the Showcase section for you.