3D Poker Game

Here’s a project I’m working on since few months already: A 3D science fiction poker game.

I found the idea interesting as there is no collisions, neither AI to handle. Still, it’s a lot of work!!!
Currently, only two players can play against each other from two distinct hosts. (in the video, I’m using the same computer).
The frame rate stays at 60 but the recording software I used slow it a lot!
Cards are being randomly generated and of course neither player can access any information before the end of the hand. Each player see his two cards on the bottom right of the screen.
Also, I’m playing just to show you how things interact between them. A player have 15 sec to take a decision or it’s considered as a folded hand and turn go to next player.

Until here, most of the game is working as it should!
As you can see, I have to push on a button to activate the next hand but the calculation to deternmine who won the actual hand is working good too (that was a tough class to write :slight_smile: )

Next thing to implement:

  • Animate each character according of game decision/ move.
  • Character selection menu. (you’ll definetly like the coming avatars).
  • New levels to play in.
  • Possibility to play 1 Vs 4.

It looks so nice! :slight_smile:

it looks great although the skeleton avatar is kinda scary :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to the new chars!