3D point plotting and surface rendering

Hi all,
I am absolutely new to Panda3D and would like to spend time on it in the short future. At this time, I am wondering if it is easy to use Panda3D to do some simple 3D plotting, for example, a 3D point cloud, and to render
parametric surfaces. I guess it is overkill to use Panda3D for such tasks, but any example would be greatly appreciated.

You can easily create points, lines, and polygons at runtime in Panda3D, so you could use this to implement your plotter.

If your parametric surface can be represented as a NURBS, Panda can render this directly (via the SheetNode class, with examples in the forum). Otherwise, you can create polygons for it as you wish, via the instructions in the manual, or via the EggData interface (with examples in the forum).