3D MultiChannel Audio


I am working on a psychoacoustics study and am trying to find a solution for synthesizing .wav files that can be positioned in 3D space (2D, really) given an arbitrary number of physical speakers arranged in a circle around a stationary listener. I don’t need any actual simulated 3D effects. Does the Panda3D interface with FMOD or OpenAL support something like this?

You can take a mono wav file and tell panda to play that sound as if it was comming from a given 3d point.

The manual has a good page on how to do that:

If you don’t need echo produced by sound waves bouncing of walls and you can live with speakers that are ‘omni-directional’ (a real speaker would emit sound in one direction/hemisphere), then p3d can do the job of playing wav files as if they where comming from a given spot.

Not sure if there is any buildin way to write the sound back to a file, but any sound recording software (audacity?) should be able to do it.