3d Modeler

Okay, I’ve looked all over the boards and folks are all over the place on this.

I know I’m actually still learning Python :open_mouth: BUT!! I’m a quick learner.


Maya and 3D Max . . . (if I could afford these I would be using Eclipse to compile code)
Blender : looks overwhelming!!

What’s the “silver bullet” so model 2D and 3D in Maya.

I say 2D because I am thinking of doing something iso-metrically . . . As in the days of Crusader: No Remorse/Regret but without the blood and melting bones . . .

As I said I’m very new, but am open to learn . . .

You could try Wings3D. Its free and easy to use, just not sure about the export formats.
If you want to use a little cash, try Milkshape. Its not so hard to learn, is way more powerfull then Wings and besides, it doesnt burnout your bankaccount…

good luck

Thanks so much for the response. I thought Milkshape MIGHT be the way to go . . . 1) I like the name 2) it’s mentioned in the tutorial.

Blender just looks way out of hand . . .

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(Josh, can you delete the above post about proxies??)

Take another look at Blender. For some good tutorials check out the video tutorials that the Blender folks have created. I’m learning Blender right now and the video tuts are a great help.

Also take note of the Blender thread in the Pipeline Forum (here). Zovirl posted two links to great tutorials that can get you to do Panda3D-compliant avatars (or rather “actors” :-)) in a weekend. I tell it from my own experience. :slight_smile: Sometimes one still needs to look up some tidbits in other tutorials, but it still works very well.

That reminds me, I still got some work to do there myself…