3D mesh problem

Hi all. I have an issue with geometry loaded.

Please take a look at the attached image. The front surface of the object is flat, but when i load the object i see it with strange shadows. :confused:
I’m creating the object in Lightwave and then importing from Blender to create the .egg file.

Maybe i am making in a wrong way the mesh in my 3d soft?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

It’s an issue with the normals of a smooth shaded model with not enough resolution. Either mark the faces as flat shaded in your modelling program, or subdivide the faces (I know that in Blender, one can apply a subdivision modifier followed by an Edge Split modifier; I don’t know about Lightwave).

Ohhh, i know what you say. But, I have a lot of inventory items. I tried to keep the lowpoly as low as i could.

Is there any max polys count that i should take care?

Thanks thanks thanks!

There’s no fixed rule. It depends on your scene and your target hardware. In general, polygon count is something to worry about less than other things such as mesh count, but that doesn’t mean you should be excessive in your polygon count.
The polygon count for an entire scene scene can range from 100k triangles to millions. For individual models, it’s rarely justified to go over a few-thousand unless the model is particularly important, won’t be duplicated a lot, and gets a lot of high-detail view.
Keep in mind that you can use normal mapping to give the impression that your model is higher resolution than it actually is.

Brilliant. I understand perfectly what you mean. I think in my case is not so serious cause i use a 3d models just for inventory items. Just one as a time will be viewed, and it will be some kind of 20 or 30% of the screen.

I also realize that in Lightwave when you deactivate the Smoothing for the surfaces, when i import the file in blender, the issue goes out. But of course, i miss the smoothing (check the attachement).

I will try to lower as much as i can the polycount and use normal maps to make the items looks better.

Thanks for your replies, they helped me a lot. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: