3D File Manager

Hey guys,
I was frustrated and needed a small quick project: a 3D file browser.
Nothing fancy and the code is pretty dirty, but maybe someone finds it helpful or inspiring.

Have fun!

EDIT: you can control it with clicking on the white tinted directories to enter them, right click brings you one dir up and mouse wheel is used for scrolling.


Alternatively download the two files here:
bpaste.net/show/K1mmcFemb7M9FkMNhozF/ run.py
bpaste.net/show/bPivCF1PjEK9b7LWfwR9/ file.egg


I just wanted to say that this is a very smooth and efficient script, and much more well-written than I’m used to on this board. I’m making a file browser right now, and reading this has saved me a lot of work. Thanks!