3D chinese characters.

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erm… I have a task on hand which is to create a chinese learning game. it is like mario that fights monsters as u go on… but while fighting a chinese sentence will appear but there would be a blank in that sentence… and as u fight chinese characters would appear and u have to make a decision which one to grab to fill in the blank…

But now a 3D requirement is required by the client, and there is an idea to make a opaque cube(6sided) with one character at each side, meaning the user cannot see the characters unless they attack it… we decided to make the characters 3D after the user has attacked that side of the cube…

Can these softwares help?

Yes, and i remember seeing some screenshots somewhere with some tag like “a game where words have power” so I think someone has already done something very similar.


Sorry, can you show me the website where you saw similar game? =)

Thanks A lot (:


I guess Radu meant Kotodama.

panda3d.org/showss.php?shot= … kotodama01


That game is about Japanese, not Chinese, to be precise, but it’s also an educational game. However, the design seems very different.

More to the point, I don’t know if I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve, but I don’t see anything there that simple texturing (or render to texture) wouldn’t handle. And if you want to have the characters appear as 3 dimensional object then you’ll probably just need to model them. Unless you’re willing to write some code to procedurally generate the characters.

Panda has some text rendering modes, eg. textured quad, wireframe, polygon, solid, and extruded.
To make the letters 3d, you should use the extruded mode.

Yea saw that japanese game. hmmm. not sure how we wanna go about doing it yet. in the midst of discussion (:

THANKS everyone :smiley: