32512 with Chicken-Blender exporter

I’m trying to get the Chicken exporter for Blender working on my Mac. Whenever I run the Check Config option though I keep getting “egg2bam returned 32512” and it doesn’t work. Anyone know what’s going on?

I’m new, so please be patient with me…

I think I found part of the problem - I can’t find the egg2bam utility anywhere even though I’ve installed the Panda3D SDK. Anyone know where it’s supposed to be hiding on Mac installs?

In 1.7.0, it should be in /Developer/Tools/Panda3D/.

Ah, yes it’s there. I thought it would have been with the rest of it in /Developer/Panda3D/

Anyway… I’m still getting that error with the exporter though. Any ideas?

This has come up previously - panda3d.org/forums/viewtopic … 6e811cc69b Unfortunately I don’t have a good answer, though in the previous scenario it didn’t prevent Chicken from working.