32 bit floating point render targets


At the moment I have the following:

    winprops = WindowProperties.size(1024,1024)
        props = FrameBufferProperties()
        LBuffer = base.graphicsEngine.makeOutput(
                 base.pipe, "offscreen buffer", -2,
                 props, winprops,
                 base.win.getGsg(), base.win)
        Ldepthmap = Texture()
        #the following doesn't work
        #Ldepthmap.setFormat( Texture.FDepthComponent32 ) 
        #Ldepthmap.setComponentType( Texture.TFloat ) 
        LBuffer.addRenderTexture(Ldepthmap, GraphicsOutput.RTMBindOrCopy, GraphicsOutput.RTPAuxFloat0)

Ldepthmap is now a 24 bit floating point Rgba aux texture (kinda doesn’t make sense)

Is there a way to get a 32 bit R32 texture (or a floating point FDepthComponent32)?