3 Questions from a newbie (me!!!)

Hi everyone,

First, let me thanks everyone for your help, my first game is progressing and you should hear from me really soon on http://www.p3dp.com because I will do a “big” project for school and there will be all my design document and a .exe of my game there.

So here are my question for you:

1.Where to learn shader (I’m really new to this so basic tutorial will be ok for me)

2.Where to find 3D models that loads in P3d. I try to load a lot of format from the web and NOTHING works even if it’s in the list of Panda3d extension. So do you have a website that have a library of models that everyone can use other than the poor library feature on this site.

3.Does someone have a good and simple terra gen code. I want my spaceship to fly over a infinite land that autogenerate as the spaceship move. The terra gen must work on Windows. Maybe the idea of a terra gen is not good, any other idea?

Thanks a lot and I hope you will like my game


(1) Shaders:

I think the best way is to look what others have done, think about it, and then start small. The “code snippets” and “showcase” sections have dozens of shaders. starting small means for example first try to apply a constant color to a model, then perhaps a texture, and then move on to more complicated things.

For making good shaders you not only have to know about the syntax of CG or how to pass parameters, but you also have to know about “lighting theory” (don’t know the right word, sorry, not my native language).

(2) Models

Good models have their price. This is because it takes time to create good models. Perhaps more time than to write the game code. For example look at turbosquid and compare models which are for free and which cost you 100$ up. In short: either steal them (not recommended), make them yourself (and learn how to become a 3d artist on the way), or be happy with whatever free crap you can get (that’s me, because I am a terrible 3d artist). Another option would be to find someone who can make the models for you (for cash or for free).

About loading: best way is to use a 3d modeler (e.g. blender) to convert your models to .egg or .bam before using them with Panda3D.

(3) Terragen

As far as I know Terragen does not create infinite terrain. I think the only way is to use some noise function to create a random terrain. The terrain must be either cyclic (the “left” edge is exacly the same as the “right” edge), or it must be tileable (Perlin noise can do this).


Thanks for the good reply.

I will have a look at these script. Since I already have a base at lightning theory I should be ok.

Is there a way to get .lfo (or other extension) model to work on panda (a converter or something) because I found a great library of these but they can’t be loaded in panda… :frowning:

For the 2 methods that you talk at the end of your post, I’m interested to know more. Do you have a link with some explanation how to implement these with panda? If not, it’s ok I will do my own research on my friend google.

Thanks again