3 & 2d artist is testing something

hello me friends :slight_smile:
as far i know, some peoples wanna improve the sample models. so, let me test something. i would like to do one or two models for panda. i would prefer a character. either i could a environment model. so its just up to you. let me know and i will do something, if not a smile will stay in my face too.

to my person, im having professional experience in 3d modeling. i think its just fair that i spend a bit of time into this, i got here a really nice support.
about my skills, you have to trust my words. :slight_smile:


Well, this topic says it all: discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic … sc&start=0
How about the carousel model? jpb was asked to make the helloworld map, so basically you can improve everything else: RoamingRalph, boxing robots, Disco lights, Looking and Gripping, Music Box…
I think you shouldn’t make stuff that require additional lines of code (like skyboxes).

hmm, i start to like the idea about the carousel (a freaky funky carousel). :slight_smile:
either the boxing robots sounds good to me.

its not the case that i would like build skyboxes, but where in godish name is a skybox related to complex code? its true you could do it very complex (with lot of dynamical stuff in).

just one thing before i start, but to change the values a bit in code would be ok? like changing the timing, transformation… so nothing to add, just changing values. although i would love to add some stuff codewise at the carousel demo, but i also can stay with old code, which is shrinking the possibilities. but like you said, i have to use the demo code. but if i could be totally flexible with, i would be more happy with.

so let me know till in 24h. if i wont hear anything, im going to use the code like it is.

i just watched the carousel demo, uaaghhh, are you sure that i shouldnt add anything (btw. there is a skybox in), or changing the code completely??? if im using this code, it just become not so freaky funky as i thought at first! i mean it will looks nice, but without all the freaky funky stuff i had in mind!! neither are normal maps in!! please really think about this, i mean, if you wanna have a improved graphics then it would be also not bad to use the possibilities of shader 2.0 graphics cards, which are very old cards (gf3). specially at a carousel, no bloom effects, no sparkling parts, nothing is animated. just boring turning in circle with having two switches. thats really no carousel! of course, the most real carousels looking boring too. but this is virtual and we should use the huge spectrum of possibilities! and i overall it wouldnt be huge changes, just more switches, loading animated models, and the shader generator on. oh maybe sound, i think a carousel def. selfish through this freaky sound. please think about!

The sample apps are to show certain features of the engine, applying bloom filter and normalmap to each sample for eyecandy would make the code difficult to read and just pointless (thats why there is a separate bloom filter and normalmap samples), in my opinion.
But seriously, you got lot more to improve, like the shape and textures, even without shadergenerator it can look alot better.
By skydome/box I ment camera relative. In that sample the camera is static, so you can do a skydome, but for samples like Roaming Ralph, it wouldn’t work without more lines of code.

And you really are overusing the ! sign :b

yes of course it will look better. :frowning: but :frowning: i can forget a nite scene. and all my dancing horns and all this freaky funky morphings i had in mind.

so i will just improve the style :frowning: but without all this freaky funky things in :cry:

at ralph, its a bad idea to change ralph. ralph looks good to me, and he got like a trademark for panda. the only thing which need to be improved is the environment there.

:smiley: so the concept is ready :smiley: (carousel)

i dont wanna rush at this model, there lot of details in. so it will take a bit of time ~1 month. :slight_smile: and im not going to say a exact date when im done. just in focus to touch this model when im inspired for. this could be 5 minutes a day, till a complete day. i hope you understand. i mean i could do this model also in one day, but it shouldnt display a part which got rushed. so i prefer to take more time than i need for. :slight_smile:

Hm, okay.
But please don’t make it VERY highpoly and stay with the panda/nature theme.

If you’ll give up in the middle, you can always send it to someone else to finish.

:smiley: why i should give up by this ? :smiley: i already done pretty huge things. :wink:

abstract nature, and the vertex count will be ok. so dont be afraid about. :wink: i know pretty good what i am doing. :wink: