2D: Model following cursor

Greetings to the forum!

I am making a tower defense game. It is going pretty good and I have lot of fun. Already got up a GUI so I can choose different towers. My problem is that I want the tower to follow the mouse so i can place it on the map.

I use a thing you call egg from the sample asteroids: models/plane and applying a image (texture) to it. The game is in 2D. Depth is 55 and I am using reparentTo(camera).

I did try to divide resolution with depth but that leaves the image like 1/3 behind:

x,y = base.mouseWatcherNode.getMouse()
x = x*(base.win.getXSize()/depth)
y = -y*(base.win.getYSize()/depth)
self.obj.setPos((x, depth, -y))

How to get the plane follow the cursor?

Did you render the game it self in 2D or it is in normal 3D mode?
If you use the 3D rendering then I had a small example I did it before and I may send it to you

It is in 3D because the y-axis is at 55.

I would be thankful for having a look at your code!

Here it is:
I wish that this sample is what you want

Edit: click on the sphere to make it move with the mouse then another click on it to fix it