2D game

I wanted to make a simple 2D game to get better aquainted with panda. Is there anyway I can avoid making 3D models/animations since this game is purely 2D? I simply want to load images and text that I can move around like I would 3D objects.

pygame is the best option for 2D games since panda is 3D, but it is not impossible, the way you will use panda to make a 2D game is up to you, you can use onscreenImage, onscreenText, textures. there are some options to load 2d graphics.

panda3d.org/manual/index.php/A … _Animation


There is no code specifically in Panda3d to handle 2d objects outside of GUI elements, such as the aforementioned OnscreenImages.

However, it’s certainly possible to use Panda3d in this manner. The Asteroids example does just this.

Somewhere on the forums, I remember seeing a sprite class created by ZeroByte, I believe. That should get you started.