2010 download

Is there (or could there be) a download of the Panda SDK built with VS2010? I’m working on getting it building myself, but if there is a pre-existing download linked against the 2010 runtime that would be helpfull… I’m starting a new project in C++, and trying to do it under VS2010RC instead of 2008.


I don’t know of anyone yet who has attempted to compile Panda against VS2010, so you may be the first. Usually there are some minor issues (e.g. compiler error messages, sometimes runtime crashes) that crop up with each new compiler version, but in general there’s no reason it shouldn’t build on 2010.

Let us know if something comes up that you can’t find a solution for. :slight_smile:


I believe Gogg has attempted (and I believe succeeded) to compile using VS2010.

FYI, Panda itself does compile with VS2010, I’m still in the process of getting all its dependency libs rebuilt with VS2010, since the binary download for things like libjpeg etc are linked against the VS2008 runtime library.