2.5D Light Occlusion?

Consider a simple, axis-aligned 2.5D scene–that is, one that uses fully-3D geometry, but that is laid out via a simple 2D tile-map, and that has all walls laid out along either the X- or Y- axis.

Given such a scene, and that I’m using the automatic shader-generator, is there any way to limit a light’s region of effect, aside from shadow-mapping? Occlusion geometry, perhaps?

Maybe someone else will chime in and let me know that I’m wrong, but I believe the only way to block/occlude light is to use a shadow map (or other shadowing technique). Depending, on your setup, you may be able to try doing something with max_distance to essentially clip the light.

Hmm, thank you. I wasn’t expecting there to be a method, but it seemed worth asking.

As to “max_distance”, I toyed with calling “light.setMaxDistance” (I think that it was), but it didn’t seem to have an effect. Perhaps it’s not used by the shader generator?