1st person map and collision on camera

hello all u pros!!
i need to develop a 1st person style of map loitering application using

i just learnt how to turn and walks an actor from BVW tutorial… and also using the camera follow function statement. but the camera wont ‘follow’… it just ‘stares’ at the actor(wherever actor goes).

can any of u teach me how to turn/walk the camera…to replace the actor… to be 1st person.

and is it possible to put collision sphere on camera? so that i can walk to hit out an event, for example catching a floating arrow pointing the next direction to go.


helloo? please help me… any1? did i posted in wrong place?
i heard that this forum is good and always receive reply responses fast.

i want to create an FPS. can i make the keyboard up down left right key to control the camera?
and can i place collision sphere on camera?

shure you can.
for the fps-cam …all you need to to is set the camera to the players position (or reparent it to there (maybe move the cam a little upwards)-see the manual for further details).
collision sphere is no problem,too. thought you have to read into the colission system. the manual should be able to help you again, aswell as the collision example.

just try around a little with panda =)
once you do. you’ll have no problems setting up a FPS

Just some advice for your learning curve :
[step.1] finish reading the entire manual : find out what Panda3D is capable of, what things you can & can’t do, what things you should & shouldn’t do.
[step.2] try all tutorials, make sure you understand them. make some changes to the code and see what happen next
[step.3] if you need more stuff, flexibility, and customization, don’t be afraid to look at the API references

Happy learning !