1.8.1 makepanda 3/2

I’m trying to compile panda3d, on Linux Mint Debian, using makepanda. Since the .DEBs give a depency error.
Now i get an strange error:
If i invoke makepanda.py with python2.7 it tries to import the module queue which is actually named Queue in python2 and renamed to queue in python3.
So i tried to run with python3:
I got an error about a dictionary changing its size during iteration. I often get this error when running python2 scripts with python3.
So the final question is:
For which version of python is the makepanda of panda3d 1.8.1 made for? I don’t think it would be a good idea to just replace every occurrence of queue with Queue. Because this doesn’t seem to be an error someone doesn’t see.

Currently, you shouldn’t compile Panda3D yet with Python 3. It is not supported. You should use 2.7 instead.

Makepanda only imports the “queue” module if it detects being run in Python 3:

    if sys.version_info >= (3, 0):
        import queue
        import Queue as queue

So, if it is importing queue regardless, something really weird is going on with your Python 2.7 installation.

I now found the error. The if statement you showed in your post isn’t in the file. Instead the module Queue (with upper Q) is imported. I downloaded this version of panda3d a lot of time ago. I think i changed the Queue to queue myself. Trying to compile with python3. I just downloaded the package again. And now it seems to work.