As of this writing, there are no open issues to be fixed for 1.7.1 listed: launchpad.net/panda3d/+milestone/1.7.1
There are also a lot of fixes already done.

Currently, I don’t see a good/easy way to do a release using a build bot build with the runtime either, though if there is an easy way, maybe we can verify one of them that works pretty well on the supported platforms? I’d rather have an official release though so we don’t have p3ds using a ton of different panda versions getting downloaded.

I believe there has only been one panda release while I’ve been here (well over a year now). I’m wondering what the process it for making a new official release (1.7.1), and when it will happen.

If a mac tester for release candidates is needed, I’d be happy to do some testing.

I agree, it would be great if 1.7.1 could be released sometime soon.

And who takes care of that?

I would like to know that, too.

Soo, youre not that guy?

Who, me? Nope, I’m not. Are you?

rdb, I’m not joking :laughing:
[1.7.0 released!)
I thought you are responsible for the official releases.

This task has traditionally been managed by the Carnegie Mellon ETC. Josh Yelon was the individual most recently in charge of this officially, but he left the ETC over a year ago. (In the interim, rdb was kind enough to volunteer his time to make a few needed releases, but rdb is not the official release maintainer.)

This position remains unfilled. It may be that the ETC will eventually find someone to take up this role again in an official capacity. In the meantime, it will only happen on a volunteer basis.

Would you be interested in volunteering?


nah, you should find someone who knows what hes doing and has enough experience.

Me? I refuse to carry any responsibility. I don’t get paid enough to do so :stuck_out_tongue:

You must have missed this:
[Developers/Maintainer Wanted)

This is kinda sad.

Perhaps it would help to outline the tasks and responsibilities that would be involved with said volunteering.