1.6.2 runs smooth on jaunty 2.4

I ran 1.6.2 and it runs very smooth and about 5% faster on my Ubuntu Jaunty, 3.0ghz, 2gb mem, and 512 mb nvidia 8400 gs card.

JB Skaggs

That’s great to hear!
It would be bad if it actually got slower. :slight_smile:

PS. Nice machine you have there.

:slight_smile: Thats not the rendering machine that my wife uses- she has a 3.5 ghz, 4gb mem, Nvidia 9400gt with 1024mb. Then we have a laptop, and a Dell Hybrid Aspire (3.0ghz, 4gb mem, 512mb video) which is fast bt only has integrated intel- good for cross platform testing. Then a small 2.0 ghz 1 gb nvidia 5500 256mb used for less demanding stuff.

ANd you have the full computing power of my Family / Children’s home programming-development team.

JB SKaggs

:slight_smile: Now you’ve made me feel ashamed with just my 2.5 Ghz Dualcore x64 GeForce 8600M laptop and another machine that isn’t even worth mentioning and a tiny ARM board that you can’t even call a machine. :blush:

Yeah but you got computational power between your ears worth far more than our machines here. I dont have a red sports car- so I must be using computers for my mid-life crisis?



Can I have a question?

Why do you have so powerful processors and so slow graphics cards?

I’d rate your performance ratio at 10:1. If I can reccomend you, then bye nvidia’s pro cards(Quadro/Tesla). It’s power for rendering is much bigger then in a typical GC. [size=75]It’s like the futuristic Nv!d!4 Geforce 390 GTSX2 4-way SLI versus old “Standard CGA” 320x200 Text-only mode processor for “super computers” running at mega-big 0,98 khz from 1975.[/size]

Then, I’d suggest you the new&cheap Ati radeon HD4770.

You don’t need that powerful processors, the OS won’t be faster if something like 8400 gs slows it down. Unless you are a magican that needs to calculate his magic numbers every [size=59]0,0000000000000000001/100[/size] seconds.

And what about the mainboard? :smiley:

You may find helpful checking some info about your problem on some tech/IT forums.

I dont plan it that way- it’s a money thing.

In the USA you can buy computers with fast cpus and loads of memory cheap- but video cards cost nearly as much as the computers themselves. So you get a computer for cheap upgrade video, then later upgrade again when you get more money.

For example at WalMart a 2.2 ghz with 2 gb mem computer cost roughly $300 +- $50 (that will usually have keyboard and mouse)

but to upgrade the video card it’s gonna run about $200 +- for a good one or $70 for a basic one. Since I only make about $2000 +- a month that means cpu first, then low card, then fast card.


IMHO MentalDisaster is wrong. As a game developer you should never have the cutting-edge graphics cards. Rather the mid-grade (actually 8x00 is perfect.)

I originally had a GeForce 5200 FX. It just supported shader model 2.0a.
It was a slow thing (especially pixel shaders was a disaster) but there was a big advantage to programming on it. I was much more centered at optimizing the application and while being slow first (although very fast on new gpus), I squeezed out every microsecond and in the end it was fast even on my 5200 without much graphical tradeoff.
So, I don’t recommend you to downgrade - but if you develop a game on the latest video card, everything will run fast, and you’ll optimize your game to run fast on that card. Result: people with worse cards than you are out of luck and will play the game slow.

Agreed. My test platforms include relatively out of date laptops like the IBM T30 / T40. If my panda apps run well on these machines, they will run fine on more modern stuff.