1.10.12 Windows 64 bit version doesn't seem to have pip?

Installed the latest Panda3D versions today on W10. The installer as always failed to access the PATH variable so I made the changes myself which the manual mentioned,
“Add Panda3D’s bin and python directories to the end of the PATH”.

Now Windows command line has access to Panda’s Python, but pip either seems to be missing from it, or it seems more needs to be done than just “Add Panda3D’s bin and python directories to the end of the PATH” for it to be accessible from the Windows command line?

Could you re-run the installer and double-check the custom install options step? I’m pretty sure that “install pip” is one of the optional choices you get.

Doesn’t seem to be the reason.

Uninstalling, reinstalling again with the “type of install” set to “Full” instead of “Auto” fixed it. Even though both “Full” and “Auto” have all the checkboxes thicked, I noticed with “Auto” the space required is listed as 626.5 MB while with “Full” it is 765.0 MB.

I have a suspicion there’s a bug in the Nullsoft installer GUI, it is not properly updating the checkbox selection when you cycle between the type of installs.