zoom, scaling and render problems


I have a problem with the scales of my meshes when i zoom in with my camera.

My scene contains 3 spheres (self generated). In my main.cpp I say for example that panda shall create 3 spheres with distance (from surface to surface) 1000.f in the origin. So for example the first sphere has the scale (1000.f., 1000.f, 1000.f), the second (2000.f, 2000.f, 2000.f) and the third outer layer (3000.f, 3000.f, 3000.f). In the beginning my Camera is something like 10000.f away from the origin in (0.f, 0.f, 0.f). Now i zoom in by decreasing the cameras distance do origin.

At the first time I wondered why the three layers lie so close to each other. Then I varied their distance to each other (first layers scale (10000.f, 10000.f, 10000.f), second (20000.f, 20000.f, 20000.f), etc.). But the distance between them is NOT changing just a bit.

Here I am between the outer and the second layer, just after I went through the outer layer:

When I continue increasing the layers distance and reach scales like 100000.f I get render problems

In every scale another render error occurs that can be seen in the last screenshot.

Why that? My layers seem to remain in their scale and position(see nout - screenshot 1) but seem also not to remain in their state…

Looks like you’re intersecting the far plane. Try:


to set the far plane bigger.