Yet Another Blender Egg Exporter (YABEE)



Hi guys, this is really bad and shouldn’t be an issue with the apparently only available exporter from blender to your engine. :frowning: Trouble succeeding at exporting is one thing, wasting and leaving data in my .blend file that might even confuse me to work on the wrong scene is another thing.

If this is the only available exporter from blender to panda3d, you should fix such basic stuff. I know this is probably a volunteer effort and all, but how do you expect people to get their 3d data into the engine otherwise?


Is it only because the shape keys have a space in them? With your test file I was able to export without duplicate scenes by just removing the spaces? It seemed to pview ok as well, with the animation playing.

(Blender 2.68a + Yabee 13.1)


Sorry, guys. I can’t support YABEE against the backdrop of the global anti-Russian propaganda in the world. When (If) situation will change I’ll come back.
Sad, but that is my position in relation to all this madness.


That’s very disappointing to hear. :frowning: Your contributions to the Panda3D community have been invaluable, here and on, and we greatly appreciate your the work you have done on YABEE in particular. You have our sincere gratitude.

And even for me, it is indeed very sad to see all the anti-Russian propaganda going on in the world. I hope that the Russian Panda3D community will continue to exist for the foreseeable future - perhaps one day I’ll know enough Russian to participate there myself. :slight_smile:

Большое спасибо, and we all hope you’ll be back soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you, rdb! Glad to hear that not everyone hates Russian unlike the majority of politicians :slight_smile:


I’m sure there is no hate here in the p3d community, no matter what nationality/color/shape/size/pos/hpr/sex/operating system/cell phone brand/shoe size someone is.

If there’s something to hate, then I hate to see You go


It is best you don’t listen to anything our politicians say because we don’t either. 8)
I for one have always liked Russia.

And I really appreciate all the work you have put into YABEE and hope you come back to it someday.


Sorry to hear about that. I’ve used Yabee quite a bit, and really appreciate how easy it is to get my models from blender into Panda.

I cringe at our politicians, but they don’t speak for everyone. I haven’t noticed any anti-russian sentiment from fellow aussies, I certainly don’t hate Russians :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for your support!


Okay, ready to tackle the YABEE thing again. I have some time to look at what it takes to make this work, so what is the latest version, what do I need to upgrade, what do I do?



The latest sources are here:


Okay, I created the yabee folder and downloaded all the files (including the library) into it. I started Blender, read the online manual and copied the folder into the blender addons folder. I did a refresh and tried to check the installation, saw nothing, looked for the enable option, nothing.

Missing something here. How do I know it is installed (because the online Blender help says if it is in the addons folder, it is installed even though I couldn’t prove it by looking at the list), and how do I enable it (once more, it is in the folder, but nothing shows in the menu.) Sort of lost here.

It should be simple, right?



The whole thing should be a directory called io_scene_egg in your addons directory. Ie. you should have a file <addons_dir>/io_scene_egg/ .

You should also go to User Preferences in Blender, go to Add-ons, click “Import-Export” on the left side, and then click the Panda Egg Exporter and enable it.


So far, so good. Now puzzling out the UV thing properly. Maybe I won;t have to manually edit the UV data this time.




I’ve managed to export a model from Blender 2.71 with YABEE but I’m not sure how to export animations. I can’t see any documentation, the link at 2share is not working for me. I have a Makehuman MHX with BVH applied using makeWalk. The static model itself exports ok. I can see there’s a listbox to add animation names and frames but what I do with them? How are they applied to the armature animation?

I’ve only just started using Blender so I may have missed something. Do I need to bake the animation in or something?



Well I’ve managed to get the export working after some trial and error and I see the Bundle animation in the egg file but can’t get it to load in panda, I guess that’s a separate issue though.


I had a problem when trying to export my model as a .egg with the uv texture.

What could be the problem?

EDIT: I tried fixing it, and now I get this error: … e87869.png


General warning: if you are finding the object disappears from view at the wrong time in Panda3d when moving the camera around it may be because the bounding box generated by Panda3d is too small. I found that using Yabee 13.1 with Blender 2.68a the bounding box was much smaller than the object. I noticed my Blender objects had a Scale set and solved this by selecting the object in Blender and
Object -> Apply -> Scale and Transformation.
I repeated this with the Armature.

I am exporting objects from DazStudio as .dae and then importing to Blender before making my egg. I found that the Blender objects produced from the .dae have a scale factor of 0.01 and a rotation of 90 degrees.


Ok, it small gift, which I promised. I can say that It’s YABEE r14, but I think that there not sense to make “revision” because it lives in the git repo and updated too rarely. We can simply get latest YABEE from

Changes since r13.1:

  • As usual, fixed some small bugs and added much more new, big and terrible bugs :slight_smile:
  • Changed mechanism for armatured meshes. Now different meshes with the same armature will be exported as single actor.
  • Performance optimized for exporting large mesh objects. (Up to 40-60% faster in my synthetic tests)
  • Removed dependency from name ‘io_scene_egg’. Now it should work no matter how called directory with script files. For example, if you download it from git, then in the zip file file you will find ‘YABEE-matser’ directory.


Ah, wonderful! :slight_smile:

Some of those updates look rather useful–the performance optimisation in particular caught my attention; I’ll hopefully get around to trying the new version–and with it a new version of Blender–soon!

Praying mantises? :smiley:

I… I like praying mantises. <_<