I’m running Panda3d on a mac osx
I was just wondering how you would use the x2egg converter tool?
There seems to be a lack of documentation, at least as far as I saw,

Almost all of the Panda command-line tools have a built-in document page which can be accessed with the “-h” parameter. Try running “x2egg -h” to read about x2egg.



I use the command line and navigate to the same directory where my .x file is then use this command.

x2egg xfilename.x eggfilename.egg

This creates an EGG file in the same directory as your .x file with the name that you gave it.

It turns out that you can’t just type in x2egg on a mac. you have to type in the file path to x2egg while in the directory of the file you want to convert, so for me it was
/Users/soccernut360/dev/Pheonix/models/x2egg xFile.x eggFile.egg

the reason you must type a path to x2egg is because you don’t have the directory added to your path variable you can do this by typing:

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/x2eggParentfolder

so in destructiveArts case it would be something like this:

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/soccernut360/dev/Pheonix/models/