x2egg question

When I convert stuff from an animated x file to egg, it almost seems like the egg file only plays the keyframes, but not whats supposed to be in between. For example, an animation that should spawn 200 frames gets sized down to about 40, and playback looks shakey. Is there a way around that?

That’s exactly what happens. It happens because the X file format supports the concept of keyframes, with implicit frames interpolated between them, while the egg file format doesn’t. An egg file must give all of the frames of an animation, even the frames that appear between “keyframes”.

So if you run x2egg with an .x file that omits a lot of frames between keyframes, x2egg can’t do anything but omit those frames from the egg file too–and you end up with a jerky animation.

Currently, the only workaround is to ensure your .x files are generated with all frames. Most x file writers can do this.