.x Texturing shows colour not texture

I’m working on a 3d chess game in Python, and, obviously, Panda3D. I’ve modeled the pieces in Blender, and originally exported them as .x files with no embedded textures.

In Blender, I then used the standard wood algorithm to generate a wooden texture, UV unwrapped it and saved the image as a .png. I’ve only been using Panda for two days, but applying the texture seemed easy enough; loading and setting the texture.

However, after applying the texture, this happened:

, where the square next to the bishop is a CardMaker with the same texture applied. After googling and struggling with TextureStages (in vain), I tried embedding the PNG in the .x file, leading to this look:


Better, but still not right. After using both the embedded texture and the Panda texture, I got this:

, which was what I had been expecting all along!

Can anyone explain this behaviour?
I was not under the impression that it was necessary to embed textures in models, let alone embed and manually set them. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only been doing this for two days, it’s very possible that I’ve made some stupid mistake, I’d appreciate any help understanding it.

Thanks for your time!

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Could you attach the .x file and textures?