.x file? What's the catch?

Hey all I’ve recently decided to export my models in .x format because the egg exporter for max2009 didn’t worked like I wanted it to be.

So what’s better or worse? Comparing the .x file to the .egg file.
,ty in advance :wink:

Eh, whatever works. Usually, more steps in the conversion process is more likely to cause problems, so I would have guessed that the .egg format would be the best choice. But if you’re happier with .x, and it’s working for you, no reason to change.


i tought there isn’t a difference at all.
x2egg and you have a nice egg model.


Ty all I didn’t noticed yet there was an xtoegg so I’ll better do that to keep up with the latest format. I thought there where some issues bit it seems not ^^

There are always some issues whenever you convert files from one format to another, because the different file formats don’t store exactly the same things, and because the various file converters don’t implement every feature and they sometimes have bugs. It’s really just a question of whether the particular issues trouble you or not.

Incidentally, whenever you load an .x file in Panda, via loader.loadModel() or via pview, it is actually running x2egg in the background and loading the resulting egg file.