I think this page could be updated to mention that Panda3d comes with bunch of 3rd party libraries for audio, physics, GUI, etc, as well as PandaAI.

I think we should move that page to the manual and have the features page simply link to that manual page. That way, it can more easily be edited by anyone with edit access to the manual.

Would any of you be interested in setting up a better Features page in the manual? I’ll probably find time for it eventually, but at the moment I’m swamped with other tasks.

How can you make images appear on the left side and have some text on the right side in a wiki, like in the current Features page?

I think you can make it floating by adding |left to the image command.

Wasn’t very helpful:
panda3d.org/manual/index.php … D_Features

Not sure but there might be something useful in this tutorial.


What I’m missing in the features list:

  • physics: bullet, ode, panda physics etc.
  • big and helpful community
  • GUI: direct gui, librocket
  • portability: web player, OS-independence

-exporters for Blender, Maya, 3ds max
-converters from .x, collada and others

I think packing to binary (exe) files should be more exposed, people can think that one must ship .py files.


Okay, I’m making a new version here:

Would great if someone could make an image showing a scene in their 3d modeller and then in Panda3d, and another one showing some cool GUI made with DirectGUI or libRocket.

Converters are already mentioned.
As for the community, it’s mentioned in the main page of the site.

I think we should also mention the FilterManager/CommonFilters, not just the ShaderGenerator.

Also rearranged the feature list.

Looks great, thanks! Feel free to change the contents of the Features page directly, and I will link from the site to that wiki page.

That should be covered by:
“Tool to package games into redistributables”
at the end.

Okay, I added everything except the GUI part. Please make an image for that.

panda3d.org/manual/index.php … D_Features

Added everything. Tell me what you think.

Doesn’t matter to me personally, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the Panda AI image was the KKK. It is a very clever, original design, though.

Looks great, many thanks!

OK, should it be in the table of contents and if yes, where?

No worries, I’ll find a nice place to put it soon.