Wrong texture after converting from .x


today I wanted to create a model using Wings 3D and import it into Panda. I created a simple house, UV-mapped it, exported it into .x through Wings and then used x2egg. I opened the resulting egg in the previewer and the model had its texture a bit messed up.

Attached is the uv-mapping of the model, which is easy enough to see, that it matches the 3d model. The test-texture is attached, too. The resulting model has one “large house side” with the texture of a “small house side”. I tried the whole process again, the auto-UV-map was created a bit different and the textures were assigned wrong again. It appears to pick the wrong segments for each side of the model.

In the past I used Wings 3D to create models for the Spring Engine, which required flipping the image, but otherwise worked fine. What could I do to overcome this situation? Might it relate to the x2egg conversion?