Wrap texture on object only once

I used the setTexture command to apply a texture to a model, but the texture repeats at least like a 100 times, how can I make it only wrap once?

If you can take a screenshot it would help to diagnose the problem, but I am guessing that the model either has no UV coordinates or they are not set up properly.
Something I have seen in some 3d packages is when exporting something with no UVs it will create UVs equivalent to having the full texture on every face.

It should look something like…

But it looks like…

FYI: I DID NOT make this. Got it off the net some place.
What I did was I unwrapped then baked the texture and saved it, then applied the saved texture.

Yeah that looks like a UV coordinates problem to me.
I would check in the exported EGG file and in your 3d package if the geometry has more than one set of UV coordinates. Also check if the coordinates in the EGG file are in the 0 to 1 range.

Well, the modeling software I’m using is Blender.

Wouldn’t it be possible to set these coordinates within Panda3D to make the texture wrap once?

UV coordinates are what defines how a texture maps onto a polygonal mesh.
If you create texture-mapped 3d art it is something you cannot avoid.
Some 3d packages have features or plug-ins available that will automatically create UV coordinates. I don’t know if Blender has this ability or not.

Well, I’m honestly no closer to solving my problem. :frowning:

Would anybody else know of a remedy? Surely it must not be THAT hard to wrap a texture to a model…

I’m fairly sure you’ll have to UV map the model, since it seems that you haven’t.

EDIT: Eh, just read that you said you did unwrap the model? I’m slightly confused on what you did now