wow pampus

hi, im new to this panda engine, a friend of mine mentioned that i should take a look into. im searching for the right solution for a idea im working on.

here a couple of questions:

-> is maya supported by panda?
-> how about instancing
-> how much performance i loose by developing in python instead of c++?
-> any reservation by using a p3d for web?
-> why you kicked out ditus? i thought he is a nice and helpfull person?
-> how about htsrp? (huge texture split rendering procedure)

best wishes

Hi welcome to the community

After you install Panda, there should be exporters for it in Panda3D-X.XX/bin/maya2eggX there are few I guess they are for different versions of Maya. I don’t use Maya myself, so I can’t tell you more, sorry. If Maya supports exporting to .x format, you can use that with Panda, too. … _from_Maya

This kind of instancing?:

I don’t think there are real comparisons, but Disney used it for his 2 MMO games, so probably not very much. And also you can use both of them in the same project.
Well thats all I can answer

hi, thank you for the nice welcome :slight_smile:

yes, this instancing looks like the one i need, but how flexible is it? is it possible to change the color for each instanced object? how about a animated objects, example here at your trees, is it be possible, to have more alternation in? so, if im doing a vertex animation, like spinning and/or expand some branches and the trunk, would it be possible to set for each tree a defined frame at the animation? it should not be a animated object in the scene, only to have more variations in.


Hello again ditus.

My apologies for forgetting to apply an IP ban besides the username ban.

In order not to be entirely unhelpful:

Yes, it is possible to do that.

panda support different kinds of instancing. and as you read in the blog post even hardware instancing is supported. you can modify each instance by passing an appropriate parameters to the shader. animation can be done using vertex shaders afaik.
it’s possible but not easy. given the fact you are asking about it it might take you quite a while to learn how to do it.

about python/c++. in 99.8% of all cases there is little or no benefit from using c++ over python. panda itself is written in c++ so all computation intensive stuff is done in a very efficient manner. unless you do math-heavy stuff or manipulationg like hundrets of objects each frame python is totaly fine.

for the web plugin. you’d have to code your game in python i think aside from that nothing special.

htsrp? as in? any references? what is it good for? (i mean you most likely wont ever use it anyway but theoretically there is nothing that would prevent you from implementing it in case it’s not yet supported)