Would this work?


I’ve been going through the forum and, so, …err, I already have python installed, but at this stage in my career I’m not planning to do anything complicated like compiling.

I am willing to install a second version of Python e.g. on another partition if and only if, iff, <->, it doesn’t overwrite/mess up my current version (2.4.1, which, at this moment, might be the same as the Panda version). This would be my thumbs up solution, since Panda seems to be perfect for Python.

Is this possible -my current Py. version + the Pandaversion- or does this involve overwriting things?

(And, yes, I know, I can’t keep running away from complicated things if I want to learn -sigh.)

Thanks in advance,


When you run the Panda installer, it will install its own Python, which won’t interfere with any version of Python you already have installed. Python is pretty good about that. So no worries.