World editor and scene format?

I’m pretty new to Panda3d and i need help :exclamation: I know Ogre-folks use Blender for scene editing and .scene format. I heard Panda had it’s own editor written in Python but it’s pretty outdated and completely unusable. I just need to find out what’s the way to edit and export scenes in Panda? :open_mouth: :confused:
Thanks in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, you can’t “edit and export scenes IN panda”, but export from 3d modelling packages like blender (or one of the many others) into eggs, which panda can load and display.

panda indeed had its own editor once, but that’s a long time ago. currently there is an ambitious try to rewrite it going on. search the forums for level editor WIP and you can’t miss it.