working with .x maps

Hi, I know that “EGG is pandas native format but you can read x,lwo,dxf,flt and others just like egg.” I was going to use .x so I can work with panda and with my 3d map tool. This works great, but alll the sample programs are for .egg when working with Collision Detection. How would I go about this so when my camera or when I use people they cant go thow walls or the floor when I learn how to make gravity (witch is something else I like to know how to do).

Make it short:
How do I work with .x maps for collision detection?
Nexts, how do I make “gravity”?

Convert it to an egg using x2egg.

Basically you wouldn’t need x2egg at all, just specify your .x file in the loadModel call:


Works basically the same.