Working scene editor request for the code challenged

I recently found Panda3d. Which I must say is quite the engine. I enjoyed the feature tutorial executables. However as many others I encountered error when I attempted to use the scene editor. I did try 1.0.5 with the same errors. As a graphic designer my attempts to solve this problem through the sulotions provided in this forum (though difficult to follow) but failed to find some of the lines mentioned. This seems like a perfect engine for the visualisation process and possibly the end results. Is there any amount of begging or pleading which might get anyone to post files which allow the scene editor to work. Judging from the video it works, right?

I am wondering what the problems were because the Scene Editor should work fine with 1.0.5 if you have uninstalled every other version of Panda3D completely before.
At least it did here when I ran it @ Windows last time…

Regards, Bigfoot29

Version 1.0.5 does work and is pleasantly very happy with Blenders models and texturing. Will enjoy while waiting on fixes. l will post W.I.P…

THX bigfoot29