Workers Needed: MechWarrior Like Project

Hello, I am looking to start a new GNU project.
It is based on fighting robots in a player VS Player teamwork environment. If you are interested in helping to program or do art please check out this link.

Douglas E Knapp

PS I have already done one small MMORPG project using Panda3d.

What is the plan for the finished game?

Play it? :slight_smile:

Really, I will just set up a full time server and have people play it. I was thinking it might be good to go after some donations so that I could pay some Open Source Programmers or Artists for making the program really cool like Blender does with its movies but this is not a big goal of mine. In the end it is just a creative project of mine because I love to fight robots. LOL.

Ok, I understand.

Let me rephrase:

The game:

  • will either be enjoyed by a small group of people
  • do moderately well
  • be huge

While it’s fun to start out just developing a game for free, a ‘successful’ game implies a business, like it or not. You’ll need infrastructure etc. etc. You will need to monetize the game ‘somehow’ just to support it.

So I guess I was asking ‘what your aspirations are’. And to be direct - any developer getting involved would be wise to have a written agreement. i.e., game gets huge, game turns profit, original developers get nothing, it happens.

(sorry, not trying to be negative, though I did just watch ‘The Social Network’, lol… I’m just trying to extract a bit more info from you is all)

Best Regards,

I have yet to see this. What examples do you have? I have seen small and I have seen moderate but never huge with an open source game.

I don’t agree unless it gets big enough to tax my server. I have not seen this happen with any open source indi games. Have you? I wish it would though! My model is Planeshift.

I have yet to have anyone do even one line of code. I have had LOTS of people email me about different projects but almost none ever did any work. Because of this I feel quite safe in just writing it as open source for now. IF it should start to take off, I would be more than happy to share the profits and reward the people involved. I would also be happy to have written contracts to that effect but I think enforcement of these contracts might be very hard for anyone involved because it is likely international.

No problem. I would love to have the problems you talk about with this project!

Douglas … rce-games/

I guess it depends on the definition of ‘huge’. :slight_smile:

Exactly what I was driving at.

Exactly. At which point, you may find disagreements of percentages etc. Hence I suggest defining upfront.

I have no problems. :slight_smile: Thanks for the answers.


Can we see it?