work together

Hey I’m pretty new to game development, my only experience is in web design and programing cgi with python.
Was wondering if there were people like me who would like to work on something together and learn everything.

I’m focusing on making something 2d right now.

hope to hear from people^^

I just got a few questions to help us get to know you better. I am fairly interested in working with someone else on a learning type project but I have gotten burned in the past when everyone decided to go “pro” and I just didn’t have the time to participate.

What kind of project exactly are you looking at?

What do you expect to see from fellow developers?

Do you have programming experience in other languages?

How tolerant are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there are many small and mid-sized projects looking for every man they can get.
For learning purposes it depends on if you’d prefer someone else’s ideas and probably also code, or if you’re looking for someone to begin something completely new. Inthe latter case you learn more about project management, planing and that sort of skills. if you’re only after coding, there are quite a few open source groups around with work-in-progress programs. Just take a look at these forums and you’ll already get a few dozens.

Oh and seeing you want to start in 2D: sometimes restricting yourself to 2 dimensions is harder than simply using the engine for what it is intended: 3D.

Lol what do you mean ‘go pro’? That sucks, I’d like to go pro someday, but I’m just getting into game programing. I’ve done some things in the past(stuff with pygame, Javascript & canvas games) so I probably won’t be going pro and ditching a friend too soon.

-I said 2D because I like the medium and game design won’t be as difficult(I only have to work in 2 dimensions). But doing so in a 3d engine will allow me to play with models, cool effects, and depth. Plus it’ll be slightly a challenge like you said.

-A shooter or something, or (more fun) a remake of “Out of this World/Another World”. The game is one of my favorites and kept me up all night playing. Plus the design is already there, the graphics of the game were always simple, and it wasn’t very long.

-I don’t really expect much more then being able to discuss how to do things and learn from each other. I don’t really care for timeframes either, if your busy I’ll just work on a website or something till we’re both free again.

-I’ve been learning Boo(not much different though), I’ve had a C++ class in college but didn’t enjoy it, I enjoy programing in Lisp I’ve made some small apps and cgi programs from that. I’ve used Javascript a lot while making websites as well.

Why do I get the feeling like I’m on an online dating site XD lol
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although i couldnt entirely figure out what that game you mentioned is about. i still have a few recommendations for starters.
first of all, and most important of all: start small.
i know this sounds obvious but you should keep it in mind.
it doesnt really matter if you go 2d or 3d (i prefer 3d since it’s a tad easier to deal with in a 3d engine), even for something like a sidescroller it’s easier.

another advice, since we’r talking about small stuff, choose a project you can pull off entirely yourself. right now you’r goal is to learn ( i guess). if you are depending on other people you might get stuck while waiting for them, which is not really good when learning something.

did i mention to start small?.. i think so :wink:
if you’r just looking for other people to ask for help feel free to post on the forum anytime. or join the #panda3d irc channel on freenode.

about the definition of “small game”. if you can describe the gameplay in a single phrase, it propably fits the bill. you can always move on to more challanging projects if you’r bored so dont be afraid to try one first.

The internet is filled with these people that think they are “1337” as soon as they get a single object to render to the screen. Once they get this ignorant idea in their head they tend to run a project right into the ground.

I will be honest and say that I need a ton of practice in OOP and I figured game programming was where it is at. :slight_smile:

Awww you don’t know what your missing, the game was amazing, I think the website now has a shareware version of the game if you want to try it. the best part of the game for me was figuring out all the ways I could kill myself :smiley:

Pro? Ha! that’s funny, I know I need way more practice before I can do anything like that. I think remaking that game would be a good thing for me. It’s a little of a big project, but I’m sure I can do it if I break it down into smaller doable goals.

Anyone want to work with me on it?

I would like to chip in but I am pretty busy with work, college, and the kiddos. Good luck and don’t go pro! : P

If you prefer 2D, you perhaps give it a try with Panda GUI. Then, if you like it and feel selfconfident in interface stuff, I have a dozen of small jobs to realize :wink: