With pdeploy 'Creat Desktop Shortcut' not checked by default?

I’m using 1.9.4 on yes…windows. Lately I noticed that by default its not checked (probably after upgrading from 1.8.1?)

Sometimes customers for my app miss that and are wondering why they don’t see it on the desktop.

The -O option doesn’t do anything. I’ve looked at the source code history at past versions when it did and no difference in the use of pdeploy itself.

I couldn’t find any relevant tokens in the -t option.

Any ideas?

HI! If I’m right this setting is not modifiable (this should be the related statement).

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You should be able to modify DeploymentTools.py in an 1.9.4 SDK installation to comment out that line, and then rebuild pdeploy.p3d using something like this (untested):

panda3d ppackage.p3d -i output_dir direct/p3d/panda3d.pdef pdeploy
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