Witches: Airborne (WIP)

I’m finally doing something that’s going to be releasable, not very ambitious, not very complicated and probably not flawless, but maybe still fun to play (for a while).

The idea is simple, a combination of Magic Carpet and “pro skater” games with a bit of a twist and some flying broomsticks. You’ll be steering a witch on a broom casting fireballs at some monsters, but to cast a spell you’ll first have to make a “trick” (a loop, barrel, roll, an “immelmann” etc). The more challenging the trick the more powerful the spell.

I’ve got most of the game assets and concepts ready, in a week or two I should have a working release candidate ready for download.

For now I’ll just post a screen:

do a barrel roll. NOW!
:smiley: sry just couldnr resist^^
flying broomsticks are cool. i played with the idea some time ago but didnt find a good concept around it.

once you release something playable i’d be glad to give it a run :slight_smile:

Game concept sure sounds interesting, I’m curious to see what it turns into :slight_smile:

That one made me ROFL! :laughing:

EDIT: or rather… BROFL

Em… just wanted to say that I’ve got the collisions sorted out and “progress’s bein’ made” :wink:

this thread turns into quite some fun. you should post some demo before the rolling of barrels of rolling of people laugthing on the floor exceeds 9000.