wireframe mode = no backface culling?

i found that if wireframe mode is on, the backfaces of 3D models are also rendered (as wires, of course).
wireframe mode is a way to debug 3D models. if the wires of backfaces are also drawn, the screen is much messier. is there a way to keep backface-culling even in wireframe mode?

I fear that’s not possible without maybe a custom shader at the moment. Unfortunately this is something very rarely seen in any 3d modelling program or game engine.

There exist shaders that give a wireframe-like effect. Alternatively, you could apply a wireframe texture to the model, with parts in between the lines being transparent, and set the transparency mode to M_binary.

Actually, Panda’s wireframe render mode doesn’t automatically enable backface rendering. If you simply do:


You will render everything in wireframe mode without seeing the backfaces.

When you press the “w” key in pview, it turns on wireframe mode and also enables backface rendering.


now i prefer