[WIP] Flying Bird


Volumetric lighting from Naith FPS, with some modifications, I think it will be a tech demo :confused: the gameplay is bad :smiley:

More coming soon.

I’ve got some request (non paid) if someone got some time, I want voices in the cutscene of the game. I’d need an english native speaker or someone with a nice accent to record these sentences : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13388237/Panda3D/script_voice.txt

The voice would be deep and slow, like in a movie trailer (http://youtu.be/hkriid1YxHY)

Btw, if the text is not english correct or if you think it could be rewritten somewhere, I’m open to suggestions :smiley:

More details on the game here : http://plb5.free.fr/index.php?/current/flying-bird/

The game will be released to community with BSD licence or whatever nice licence there is for panda community.

Still left to do :

  • intro cutscene with shaders show-off,
  • camera coding,
  • refine graphics where possible.

Thanks for help.

EDIT: and if by any chance you have a domestic bird in your house and can record it, it would be perfect !