WindowsXP: No graphics pipe available Error


I’ve just installed Panda3D, I’m running Visual C++ 2008 and whenever I try build a project I get this:
“No graphics pipe available!
Your Config.prc file must name at least one valid panda display”

I have Panda3d v. 1.7.0, I’ve tried setting the options in Config.prc to openGl, DirectX, nothing worked.

Please help.

Does it give any error messages about trying (and failing) to load OpenGL or DirectX? Try using “load-display tinydisplay” to test this. If even tinydisplay fails with the same message, it probably means you’re looking at the wrong Config.prc file, or for some reason your Config.prc file is not being read.

In Python, you can run the commands:

from pandac.PandaModules import ConfigPageManager
print ConfigPageManager.getGlobalPtr()

to print out the Config.prc file(s) that are actually being read.