Windows Vista: Panda 3d not running

I have windows vista and want to use Panda3d sadly everytime I try to install, compile, and run the program a black box appears for a split second and then nothing happens. I don’t know what I am doing wrong or if I am missing a step. Please someone help he.

Please run the program from the command line and see if there’s any output on the command line saying an error has occurred or so.

First: did the installer run? Did you get a c:\Panda3D-1.5.3 folder?

Second: can you run Panda from the command line?

Open a Command window, and type the following commands:

cd c:\panda3d-1.5.3\samples\Ball-in-Maze


Does this start the sample program? If not, does it print some kind of error message in the command window?

It may be that user account control is getting in your way, or that the installer doesn’t properly set the execute bit on the required executables, for example.
It may also be that you don’t have proper OpenGL drivers installed for your graphics card for Vista, and thus Panda can’t render 3D graphics.

If this is the case (unlikely), you can switch to DirectX rendering by changing the “load-display pandagl” line in your pandadir\etc\Config.prc to “load-display pandadx9”.

That is my main problem is that I don’t know which command line the manual is referring to. Is it the windows run function or what?

I downloaded the exe for windows that installed Panda3d 1.5.3 on to my computer.

Also how do I open a command window?

I just tryed running the ball in maze tutorial and the same thing happened a black box appeared for a second then went away and nothing else happened. No error messages ever appear.

I can run the apps by double-clicking on them but the run commands do not work.

Oh, I just got it to work and figured out what was happening. I was using the windows run instead of the command prompt. A simple mistake, thanks anyways.

I have had exactly the same problem!

Please run any of the samples over the command line. Then tell us what error message you see. … ur_Program