Windows: new windows partially obscured by taskbar

When Panda windows are created, they appear partially underneath my vertical Windows taskbar. Not a big problem, but if a fix is desired, I have some info…

Raymond Chen addresses this issue in “The Old New Thing” (MonitorFromWindow) and Google Chromium also has code ( - CustomFrameWindow::OnGetMinMaxInfo).

The trick is to query for monitor work area using MonitorFromWindow().

I haven’t set up a Panda build for a diff… Is that desired or is it better for a knowledgeable dev to address this if they have time/inclination?

Sounds like a useful fix to have. The only subtlety will be to place the window smartly when the user does not ask for a particular window placement, but to place it precisely where the user says (regardless of the taskbar) when the user does ask for a particular placement.