Windows .exe? or py2exe?

Can someone so kind please tell me how to convert a .py to .exe using py2exe. because panda is not installed to the default C:/python25/lib/sitepackages, its in C:/panda so the modules are found by py2exe. :frowning: any suggestions and/or solutions please. :wink:

Is there any special reason why not to use packpanda instead?

Regards, Bigfoot29

Yes you’re right but i did not know that panda can have an non python icon extension and the rest, 10x a lot, (because i have installed this about 1 hour ago you know), thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey , erm, packpanda works great with the nsis setup and the rest ,(better than py2exe) but when I click on the setup, i get an error saying that the file is corrupted and I can use “/NCRC” (I don’t know how) , any suggestions why this is happening? because I really wish i have a good working program, without any corrupted staff, thanks

hello!, help please…

Corrupted staff? Maybe you want to talk to your human resources department :slight_smile:

CRC is short for “cyclic redundancy check”, some kind of check sum. NSIS installers run a CRC test before starting to unpack the installer content and install the application, because the installer file might be corrupted. Usual sources for corruption are:

  • virus
  • hard disk failure (bad sectors)
  • download problems

But even if the CRC test fails, like in your case, NSIS gives you the chance to try to install anyway, using the /NCRC (no CRC) command line option. Command line options are small test strings appended to a command, which provide some configuration information. Here in this case the configuration info is NOT to run the CRC test.

Click START, then click RUN, then type the path to your installer (in quotes), and then “/NCRC”. And finally hit enter:

"C:\somewhere\on\my\disk\game.exe" \NCRC

But, like NSIS told you, this is NOT RECOMMENDED! Better is to find out why the installer is corrupted. So check your PC for virus and run a full hard disk test.


10x, i’ll see what i can do, ee btw, corrupted files not stuff sry :wink: