Win7/WinXp 32-bit installation issues [SOLVED]

Hi all,

I downloaded the Panda3D Runtime, but when I try to install it takes about two seconds to install (literally), and it doesn’t make a start menu folder or anything, and the install location looks like in the attached screenshot. :question:
I followed the install instructions, but didn’t have any luck. I feel like I’m missing something obvious… but can’t figure out what :stuck_out_tongue: Any help will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance,
Rico :smiley:

sorry the attached image in my first post is so big, can’t imagine why, its only 188 Kb :stuck_out_tongue:

The Panda3D runtime allows you to run games developed with Panda3D, particularly the ones shipped in the .p3d format or the ones that are embedded in a web page. I’m not sure what you’re expecting to see in your start menu.

Hi rdb,

hmm that makes sense…
anyway I need to get it set up so that I can start developing [games] with python, as I said I followed the install intructions, so this is what I thought I’d see after
installation: … in_Windows

so perhaps I downloaded the wrong thing?


Oh ok. I did download the wrong thing. should have downloaded the SDK duh …obviously! :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks anyway. everything works fine now.


We’re of the same boat but I’ve fixed it as suggested in this forum. Thanks guys.