win props undecorated

it seems the undecorated function isnt working.

WindowProperties WINprops = WindowProperties( );
window = framework.open_window();

im running it on win7.

This is probably my fault because recently I rewrote all the window creation code to support runtime fullscreen switching. I’ll take a look.

EDIT: but wait, have you tried passing the properties as the parameter to open_window()? (Although it should be technically possible to do it on the fly so I’ll take a look anyway)

..open_window(WindowProperties( ).set_undecorated(true));

its not working. ~cant convert void to graphics pipe.

First, you are actually passing the return value of set_undecorated() which is void. Second, you want to use the overload that accepts properties, so fill in a flags value.

Try this:

    WindowProperties *props = new WindowProperties();
    window = framework.open_window(*props,0);
    delete props;

And it works for me, btw.

EDIT: We should still make it possible to undecorate a window on the fly, since Windows can do that. Since the mechanism is there for the fullscreen switching it would be trivial to add.

cool thanks, that works. :slight_smile: