Wiki help: Embedding videos ?

Hey guys,

I am trying to edit the Panda manual to incorporate PandAI into th manual since it is now a part of Panda 1.70.

I really want to get the you-tube videos we have of the steering behaviors and path finding into the wiki but unfortunately, the embed code I use doesn’t work. It just prints the embed code out as text (ie. doesn’t process it).

Here is the embed code : (got it from the you tube link)

Any help would be great.


I think they must install a wiki extension to give that ability or it won’t work. You might try…






Otherwise contact or wait for an admin to pop up here and say for sure.

I just installed an extension for this.

The syntax is this:


that was fast

Is this only for the wiki or the forums as well?

Just the manual.

Awesome, thanks a lot!