WICKed Noob question

whats up, how r u, i come from a Unity/ Game modder background, so im not as hard core as u ,

wanted to check out panda3d becuz it can use 3 physics engines,witch is awesome, unity cant do soft bodys, i kinda really need for my project,

how do i update the script, im using geany,build? execute? iv been re-saven the script exiting panda then restarting throw command prom, like its a old dos game lol whats the faster way,
any info would be a great help thanks

never mind , my bad , :blush: its just like a dos game lol cool man, reminds me of the old doombuilder wad maker , got ya 8) srry

You could also try an IDE like Stani’s Python Editor (the “download” links should be in the “links” menu on the right, partway down the page), which should allow you to run from a button-press without typing in the python command, and which should provide at least some code completion, syntax highlighting, etc.


Please note that in Panda3D there is no editor or anything like Unity. Think of Panda3D as a library, which it actually is in real. With a library you usually write your code in a text editor of your choice and then run your code to test it - then repeat both steps until the program is done. Note that for seeing your changed code in action you have to close and re-run your program.

So, nearly any IDE has a ‘run’ or ‘build’ function in its menus. Most of them also allow you to use shortcuts. There come Geany, PyDev, Sublime Text 2, ninja IDE, IDLE and many more into mind. Usual way of using those is very similar to the way you use Unity: write code, press the play button, close the game/application, repeat all steps.

Working with a terminal sometimes isn’t that bad, too. You learn how to use a command line interface (which still is common in many companies/jobs), and if something fails you can safely say that it’s your program and not any error from your editor. Also you’ll be presented with all output from your program and you can terminate and kill it every time if necessary.

My usual way of coding is: have a simple text editor open (usually sublime text 2 or vim) where you have all relevant python files open in tabs. Beside that editor I have a terminal where I write ‘python main.py’ once and after executing and closing I only press the up-arrow and enter to re-run the program again.

Oh by the way, Bullet Physics, which you can use in Panda3D has Softbodies support. Here’s the manual for it: panda3d.org/manual/index.php … Softbodies

I hope this answers your question.